Wooden tiny houses

Mobile tiny houses are a modern take on construction. It combines the advantages of a house built in the frame technique with the possibility of changing the location by adapting it to repeated transport. The house is personalized according to the individual needs and expectations of the client.

Our company offers

Buildings manufactured by Nodo can fulfill many functions, depending on the needs, including:

Summer house
Outdoor sauna

We offer a comprehensive service from the implementation of an individual project to flashing when connecting modules.

The structures of the houses are made of wood from sustainable sources


The houses are built on the basis of a frame structure in accordance with the art of carpentry. The insulation of the buildings consists of mineral wool and spray foam, which in combination ensures excellent thermal insulation properties. The diffusion-open cross-section of the walls guarantees the durability of the structure. We use materials from reputable manufacturers to make the facade and interior finish, which translates into high quality, durability and impeccable aesthetics of the finish.

He breathes
The diffusion-open wall system ensures the longevity of the structure

Why us and not the competition?

The mission of our company is to implement wooden modular house projects on the domestic and international market in accordance with the highest standards, using high-quality materials, taking into account the principles of ecological construction and modern solutions using renewable energy sources. Our company combines natural materials with the latest technology and modern design.

Each of the modules can be enlarged with additional elements, thanks to which we gain additional space.
Thanks to the modular prefabrication of elements, the assembly time is short and independent of weather conditions.
Energy efficient
Excellent thermal insulation will help maintain a constant temperature in the house.
Each project is personalized according to the individual needs and expectations of the client.
Our specialists make houses in accordance with the guidelines, taking care of every detail.
Modern Design
We combine functionality with contemporary design and minimalism.

Our projects


The assembly technology allows the houses to be transported from place to place and to be placed on almost any ground. Houses are transported by professional transport companies with whom we have been cooperating since the beginning of our activity, their experience ensures safe transport and unloading of the house on site.

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